054 - The 2012 PodCRASH Awards LIVE!

PodCRASH with That Chris Gore

054 - The 2012 PodCRASH Awards LIVE!    

Released: 11/21/12, Running time: 57:57, Recorded in Hollywood, CA at iO West

It’s the Oscars for podcasts! While not nearly as serious or prestigious, the nominees for the 2012 PodCRASH Awards did have twice the fun. Join the festivities at IOWest in Hollywood and hear the best in podcasting win a coveted “Crashie.”

Crashed Podcast Info: Held at the prestigious Improv Olympic West Theatre on November 10th, 2012 in Hollywood, California, were the 1st Annual PodCRASH Awards! All 52 podcasts that participated in the PodCRASH’s first year of shows were eligible to win an award. Hosted by the man himself Chris Gore and emceed by the unflappable Caleb Bacon, the night was hilarious, magical and not to be forgotten.

Hosted by: Chris Gore & Caleb Bacon

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Say what?: "Frankly, put your hands anywhere because you’re watching this on a computer." "She should know, I’m not into white girls." "Valhalla!" "DeathSquad’s for the children!" "A lot of white women like to choose the black one." "Bacon’s good with everything."

Let’s get outta here! The audio from the end of this podcast came from a compilation of movies found here!

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