059 - The Naughty Show Gets Nasty

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059 - The Naughty Show Gets Nasty  

Released: 12/19/12, Running time: 1:17:34, Recorded in Los Angeles, CA

The Naughty Show with Sam Tripoli is the perfect place to bring a first date… or Chris’ biggest mistake. The conversation derails with talk of pleasing contests, Nazi zombies and an angry rant. Plus Caleb Bacon discusses the end of The Gentlemen’s Club.

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Say what?: "Do you drink blood?" "I can fit my arm up there!" "I love those little mini carrots." "It was like a clown car of cocks." "He was a tranvestite!" "I’m going to please you more than you please me." "It all comes out in the wash."

Let’s get outta here! The audio from the end of this podcast came from “Constantine.

Podcast references: Jar-Jar Fruit Roll-Ups (here), Man School (here), Erin Darling (here), Evita (here), DeathSquad Studios (here), Kegel exercises (here), Vienna sausages (here), Ice House in Pasadena (here)


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